UAS Program

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology has advanced considerably in recent years and has proven to be a useful mechanism for gathering information and supporting operations in our industry. The Cowlitz PUD UAS (Unmanned Ariel System) Program is designed to safely support and improve efficiency of a variety of inspection, reconnaissance or mapping operations within the district. Operations might include inspecting hard-to-access equipment, capturing images or video with a birds-eye perspective, or three-dimensional modeling of sites or assets.

In 2023 the District designated personnel from various departments who are trained and licensed to safely pilot our UAVs. Hardware and equipment such as drones and cameras or sensors are utilized for gathering remotely sensed information, while software aids in flight missions as well as processing data to produce 2D and 3D products.


Customers near planned operations will be notified via robocall of upcoming flights in the area, and planned flights throughout the district can also be viewed here and below.