Commercial Rebates

Commercial Rebates!

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Heat Pump Water Heater

If you have a commercial property with an electric water heater, you may qualify for a rebate to upgrade to an efficient heat pump water heater. A heat pump water heater uses about 50% less electricity than a conventional electric water heater by using a built-in heat pump to extract heat from the surrounding air. Heat pump water heaters require airflow to work properly and aren’t recommended when the water heater is in a small closet. Qualifying models can be purchased at most home stores and are relatively simple to install.


If you have a commercial property with fluorescent, incandescent, or HID lighting, you may qualify for a rebate to upgrade your lighting fixtures to energy efficient LED. Cowlitz PUD offers a wide range of rebates for qualifying LED lamps and fixtures. Lighting upgrade projects must be audited and preapproved by Cowlitz PUD to be eligible for rebates.

Packaged-Terminal Heat Pump

If you own or operate a lodging business such as a hotel, motel, or residential care facility, you may be eligible for a rebate to upgrade an under-window PTAC heating and cooling unit to a qualifying packaged-terminal heat pump (PHTP). PTHPs provide energy-efficient heating that uses about 50% less electricity for heating than PTAC units that use electric resistance heat.


Do you own an uninsulated commercial building? Cowlitz PUD offers rebates for commercial insulation upgrades in qualifying electrically heated buildings. Insulation offers a high return on your investment when it comes to saving on heating and cooling costs in addition to improving interior comfort.